DJ Miguel Campbell returns to play Edinburgh

Miguel Campbell. Picture: Comp
Miguel Campbell. Picture: Comp
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Grant Paterson interviews Miguel Campbell ahead of his headline slot at Rendezvous.

NAME: Miguel Campbell

Miguell Campbell, Back in Flight School

Miguell Campbell, Back in Flight School

STYLE: French Touch

COUNTRY: England


ALBUM RELEASE: Back In Flight School’ out now on Hot Creations

MOST RECENT RELEASE: Butch - Highbeams Remix (Hot Creations)

Good afternoon Miguel, thanks for taking time out to have a quick chat with us…So, what’s been happening?

“I have just got back from my tour of the United States.”

Are you looking forward to playing Edinburgh?

“I am looking forward to coming back to play in Edinburgh. The energy in the city is great and I always meet some really nice people.”

Is being a DJ how you’d expected it to be?

“Since becoming a touring DJ, it became apparent that it was not going to be as easy as what first meets the eye. I have found that time management is all important. I have to try find time for the studio and also find time to relax with family and friends whilst being on the road and planning the next moves, which is quite tricky at times.”

If you don’t mind me asking, how did you start out as a DJ and producer, and how has that effected you now?

“I began DJing at my local school youthclub and that turned into regular shows on the pirate radio stations in Leeds. One night, I did a show live in a Leeds studio and I was exposed to the concept of music production at that show and from there I decided that this was something I wanted to do and so I began my journey to make music.”

What do you think you’d be doing if you weren’t making music and DJing?

“I would be continuing my career as a teacher and youth worker.”

What and who influenced your style?

“A lot of people and things inspire me. 90’s Hip-hop culture laid the foundation for what I am about. Since then, Daft Punk have been a huge inspiration. Not just in the music I make but also in the way I go about doing things.”

What’s your favourite club track of all time?

“This question is impossible for me to answer as I have seen many different eras of house music and I have found favourites within lots of these times. I could not even begin to try and choose one of these eras over the other, I’m just happy to have experienced them.”

How would you describe your sound?

“My sound is a mix of house music, disco and funk. Emotions are an important component of my music and I try to convey my emotions in each of my tracks and remixes.”

What can we expect from one of your DJ sets?

“I play lots of my own music and exclusives that people will not yet have heard. I also like to play music made by my friends and people that I meet along the road whose music I’m into.”

What is your mission?

“My aim is to enjoy my life and what I do whilst making other people happy. I feel blessed with what I have already achieved and if I can continue to do this in life, then I’m happy too.”

What have been the highlights of your career so far?

“I think major highlights would be the release of my Album on Hot Creations, doing the BBC Radio1 Essential Mix, and touring the likes of the Americas, Australia and Japan.”

What’s the plan for the remainder of 2013?

“I Have lots of music to be released this year and Matt Hughes and I have a MAM album coming out later this year. I am putting together a series of Outcross Records parties and Looking forward to touring the USA and Australia again, all before the year is out.”

• Miguel Campbell headlines Rendezvous on Saturday night at the Castle Clvb