Video: giant spider appears on BBC Scotland

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A giant spider was spotted on the Glasgow skyline this morning much to the shock of viewers of a BBC Scotland news bulletin.

The not-too-timorous beastie did more than just climb up the spout, it scaled to the top of the Corporation’s Pacific Quay headquarters and proceeded to give any arachnophobes tuning in to the early morning broadcast a hearty fright.

Picture: BBC

Picture: BBC

The spider became trapped in a camera broadcasting a live feed of the River Clyde which is used as a backdrop for presenters.

The spider, maginified by the camera lens, can be seen scurrying onto the screen before making off with its unfortunate prey.

A post on the BBC Scotland Facebook introducing the video read: “VIDEO.... but first a warning - if you are scared of spiders this will FREAK YOU RIGHT OUT! We have a remote control camera on the roof which shows the live feed you see behind our newsreaders on Reporting Scotland....sometimes arachnid pals set up home there.....”

Fans of the Beeb’s page were quick to comment on the 20 second clip.

Gerri Chart from California said: “Well at least he enjoyed his breakfast! Lol!”

While Andre Bruce from Glasgow joked: ”Glasgow will be first to fall to our new giant spider overlords.”

• Video reproduced with the permission of BBC Scotland