TV reviews: Broadchurch | Mad Men | Later Live with Jools Holland

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Aidan Smith’s roundup of the best on the box


STV, Monday, 9pm

It’s eight weeks since Danny Latimer’s body was discovered and DI Hardy (David Tennant) is having nightmares. So am I. They’re along the lines of: “We’ve reached episode six. When will Broadchurch end?” Actually, the drama remains gripping and Tennant, despite my early reservations, has won me round. Hardy wakes up to tabloid headlines dubbing him “the worst cop in Britain”. DS Miller offers reassurance. “They’re bastards. We didn’t hound him, they did.” This is suicide victim Jack Marshall. The community seems keen to move on; the police want to scale back the murder inquiry. But, on the day of Marshall’s funeral, Hardy isn’t giving up. “Danny’s killer is likely to be there. Now he’s got two deaths on his conscience, however indirectly. Let’s see who’s looking worried.”

Mad Men

Sky Atlantic, Wednesday, 10pm

This would have been my Pick of the Week, obviously, but because season six is running simultaneously with America, no previews are available and I cannot tell you how brilliant it will be. I’ve noticed the odd quibble about the last series being less than brilliant. This always happens to landmark shows. There’s a race to be first to knock ’em down. Well, these people are fools.

Later Live ... with 
Jools Holland

The best music show on TV, featuring the worst interviews. They’re so crummy I suspect Jools is now being ironic

when he joins a muso at the table, props their new CD on a beer bottle, stumbles through his boring questions and concludes: “Have you any advice for young people starting out in music today?” Featuring Suede, Cat Power, the Strypes and Laura Mvula.