TV review: Luther, BBC1

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MARTIN Gray reviews Idris Elbas Luther, the irascible London policeman who has another case to solve alongside series newcomer Rose Leslie

NAKED serial killer spying on future victims. Cop striding out of a mob hangout in slow motion. Bad guy taunting good guy before vanishing behind a passing train...

Luther. Picture: BBC

Luther. Picture: BBC

It’s safe to say the first instalment of Luther’s two-part return didn’t shy away from cliches, yet somehow Neil Cross’s drama manages to grip.

You can’t always make out what’s happening on the pitch black screen. Idris Elba’s low growl can be unintelligible. Things such as an office building connected by tunnels to a coach station make no sense. Yet the drama pulls you along.

Having two story strands helps: can the Met catch a bomb-happy cannibal and, more compelling for devotees, what’s up with Luther’s pet psychopath Alice Morgan?

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A bonus this episode was a tiny dream cameo by Luther’s lovely, late sidekick Justin, with a massive great credit for Warren Brown implying a bigger role next week.

For now, we have Downton Abbey’s Rose Leslie slipping nicely into the role of Worshipful Aide, ready to assist Luther in any manner required.

Mind, our favourite Maverick Cop insisted that cutting corners in search of justice is a Bad Thing. Just ignore the little matter of that gangster Luther’s left chained to a radiator in his flat...

It’s all great fun - modern, stylish, utterly watchable and, yes, cliched. The big mystery remains - how does Luther get away with it?

• Luther concludes next Tuesday