TV preview: Run, Channel 4

Olivia Coleman (2nd from right) and the cast of Run. Picture: Channel 4
Olivia Coleman (2nd from right) and the cast of Run. Picture: Channel 4
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OLIVIA Colman made her name in various comedies, from Green Wing to Peep Show, and branched out into serious drama with a breakthrough role as an abused wife in Tyrannosaur in 2011 which cemented her reputation as a versatile actress of repute.

She won BAFTAs for both drama and comedy at this year’s awards, as well as starring in the drama hit of the year so far, Broadchurch, hailed as the UK’s answer to The Killing. Hyde Park On Hudson, which pitted her opposite Hollywood heavyweights such as Bill Murray and Laura Linney, didn’t exactly hurt her reputation, either.

It’s safe to say that Colman can afford to pick and choose her projects nowadays, so her presence in Run gives it a certain seal of approval. Spanning four episodes, shown nightly throughout the week, it tells the stories of four seemingly unconnected people, all of whom are approaching points in their lives where they must make big decisions when even the smallest of choices seems to be impossible.

Colman plays Carol, a tough single mother striving to keep her family together. Her story is the focal point of the first episode, as her teenage sons commit a terrible act of violence which results in the death of a stranger, leading her to contemplate whether she should protect them as their mother or do the right thing and turn them in.

It’s quite a departure from her comedy days and Colman jumped at the chance. “I loved the role as soon as it came through. It’s unusually written, but it’s a story that’s clearly straight from the heart. You don’t often get scripts this good through the post; they are few and far between.”

Neil Maskell, of Utopia, The Mimic and Dates also stars. “He’s absolutely brilliant, it was an honour to work with him. It just makes your job very easy when you’re playing against people like that. His face in repose is such a sweet, gentle, twinkly face. It’s amazing to watch - he just goes into character and suddenly becomes quite chilling.”

Tomorrow’s episode stars Harry Potter’s Katie Leung as an illegal immigrant who finds refuge with a barber after a raid leaves her homeless and alone.

Elsewhere The Walking Dead’s Lennie James stars as a recovering heroin addict and Katharina Schüttler (The Promise) plays a Polish cleaner whose gambling-addict boyfriend is killed in a vicious attack.

Eat Well for Less

BBC1, 7pm

The BBC’s Cost Of Living season features a number of series geared towards helping us hold on to our money during this time of austerity, when another recession could be just around the corner...

This latest series, shown as part of the strand, promises to be not only entertaining but also very useful to the millions of us who are hoping to tighten our belts.

MasterChef host Gregg Wallace is joined by new TV talent, Surrey grocer Chris Bavin, to look at the real cost of good food.

Obviously, it’s best to spend less where possible - but are there times when it actually pays to fork out a little more?

In this tale of two suppers, Gregg and Chris compare a cheap fish and chip dinner to its premium counterpart to find out when it’s right to spend a bit extra when it comes to our dietary needs.

Rick Stein’s India

BBC2, 9pm

Rick samples school dinners, where chopped liver on toast is beloved by many - a dish he assumes dates from the Raj days.

He asks some of the local students about their thoughts on pizza; they reveal McDonalds has opened their first vegetarian restaurant, and explain how they value their traditional food.

We also see the simplest of dishes involving meat, water, dried chillies, ghee and salt.

All that and a chat with the Dalai Lama in a mix of chat, travelogue and cooking sketches.

Long Lost Family

STV, 9pm

Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell meet Robert Capron, whose mother disappeared from his life when he was two.

It wasn’t until the age of 53, after his father’s death, that he began to piece together what little information he had at his disposal in a bid to track her down.

Meanwhile, twin sisters Gail and Juliet Newmarch, 51, want to meet their younger brothers, who are also twins. They didn’t even know they existed until they were in their teens, as the boys had been given up for adoption years earlier.