TV picks of the week: Alex Polizzi | The Hotel

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Alice Wyllie selects her pick of the week’s TV

PICK OF THE WEEK Alex Polizzi: The Fixer

BBC2, Tuesday, 8pm


Rory And Will – Champions Of The World Channel 5, Monday, 7pm


The Hotel, Channel 4, Sunday, 8pm,

IT’S the last in the fly-on-the-wall series and Mark is looking for a buyer for the Grosvenor. He needs to appoint a new manager before the sale and tries to persuade Alison to take

on the job. She is far from keen to take on such a responsibility. What would she have to do, she enquires. “Well, you just have to

manage generally,” says the bold Mark.

Fattish blokes travel around Britain doing fattish blokey stuff. It’s a genre now. In the last in the series, Rory and Will travel to Scotland and take part in the world haggis-eating championships. It is unclear whether volume or speed are of the essence. Regardless, the haggis will probably come with side orders of bravado and

leather jackets from our presenters.

Sending a straight-talking expert in to grab a business by its books and drag it back into the black is a tried-and-tested telly formula, and Alex Polizzi is as straight-talking as they come. It can be difficult to imagine how these small businesses get into such pickles but there’s usually someone behind the scenes who’s particularly resistant to change, and the inevitable showdown with the straight-talking expert is often telly gold. Passive, sulky, rigid family members are a stalwart of the formula and in this episode there are three; the daughters/employees of small business owner Andrea, whose rent and wages for her photographic studio are 75 per cent of her sales. The golden rule is that they should never be more than

35 per cent. Fire the sulky daughters, I say. But not before the dramatic showdown.