TV boxset of the week: The Killing

Mireille Enos in The Killing
Mireille Enos in The Killing
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A WEEKLY guide to the best TV boxset available to stream right now. This week we put American crime drama The Killing, based on a Danish show of the same name


Based on a Danish series of the same name (or Forbrydelsen in Danish), The Killing relocates its lead detectives to Seattle, Washington. The show’s two protagonists, Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder, often battle against their own problems to find the answers to someone else’s. The more the series progresses, the further the dark side of the rainy city begins to show its head. The first two seasons of the show explores the relationship between dysfunctional colleagues, a family torn apart by grief and a desperate politician. The third and fourth Netflix original seasons look at the dark world of child runaways and prostitution.


Main character Linden is played by Mireille Enos, who starred in World War Z and Gangster Squad. Although her character is, at times, pretty infuriating, she’s a likeable foil for Joe Kinnaman, who brings humour to his role as Holder, an ex-drug addict turned cop, who sees through Linden’s cold exterior to create a genuine friendship. Kinnaman’s previous credits include the Robocop reboot, and will star in the upcoming Suicide Squad film. Another notable performance comes from Peter Sarsgaard as a death row inmate looking to toy with Linden’s vulnerability.


The first two seasons, which focus on one murder, are definitely worth watching. They were well received at the time and did justice to the original Danish version. The quality does drop in seasons three and four, but Linden and Holder make a magnetic, watchable pair regardless. If you’re interested in suspense crime dramas, The Killing is definitely a must-see.


You can watch all four seasons on Netflix. The first two seasons are available on 4oD.