The Inbetweeners USA: it’s them with American accents

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NERDY teens is not an uncommon theme in TV and movies, particularly in America. With that in mind it seems odd that British hit comedy The Inbetweeners should get the US TV remake treatment.

It almost seems like well worn ground for US producers, but familiarity breeds success on network Television. The trailer seems more American Pie than Freaks and Geeks, but contains plenty of belly laughs.

The stars of the original Inbetweeners. Picture: Getty

The stars of the original Inbetweeners. Picture: Getty

The charm of the UK Inbetweeners was that the characters were recognisable to us in the UK in a way that American teen shows are not. It always seems too glitzy and sun-kissed in American high schools - even the ugly and unpopular kids look cooler than any kids I went to school with.

The success of UK to US reproductions such as The Office and Shameless (another Channel 4 success) mean that the trend of adaptations with American accents will likely continue.

MTV knows its market and The Inbetweeners US has the look of a show that will hit that target market and find an audience as long as they can win over the die-hard fans of the original.

The trailer includes gags that are instantly recognisable from the original show, the aim of producers is to take what made the original a success and tailor that to the American audience.