Sky and BT in £5bn Premier League TV football deal

Richard Scudamore: Top clubs provide compelling football. Picuture: Getty
Richard Scudamore: Top clubs provide compelling football. Picuture: Getty
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THE Premier League has announced a 70 per cent increase in the value of its British television rights for the 2016-19 seasons with Sky and BT paying a combined £5.136 billion to show games.

The new deals will see even more money flood in to the top flight, with the broadcasters paying more than £10 million to screen each game.

It leaves the rest of club football across the world far behind in terms of domestic television income compared to the Premier League – which also still has the lucrative overseas deals to negotiate.

Sky has held on to five of the seven packages totalling 126 matches including the new Friday night slot for ten games, while BT Sport has two packages making up 42 matches.

Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore said: “Premier League clubs deliver competitive and compelling football to fans in stadiums and on television, driving interest levels to new heights.

“Last season saw record levels of attendance with the highest top-flight crowds since 1949-50, as well as increased viewing figures across all our UK rights holders.

“Both Sky Sports and BT Sport have done a tremendous job in bringing the game to the fans as well as providing the revenue that allows clubs to invest in football, facilities, youth development and their communities.

“It is an endorsement of what the Barclays Premier League delivers that these broadcast partnerships have been extended and enhanced today. We are grateful for the continued belief that Sky Sports and BT Sport have in the Premier League and our clubs, both as a sporting competition and organisations to work with.”

Sky will pay £4.176 billion for the lion’s share of the rights including the Sunday evening “jewel in the crown” package, while BT Sport will pay £960 million. BT Sport will have the Saturday evening package, however, instead of the Saturday lunchtime slot.

The last TV rights auction in 2012 was also won by Sky and BT.