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Author of the series believes that Outlander is too risky to be shown on British television
Author of the series believes that Outlander is too risky to be shown on British television
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IT’S never too early to learn something new like is Outlander too risky for Scottish TV and where will an original Sherlock Holmes manuscript be on display?

Andy is a Scot when he loses, British when he wins

The idea that Andy Murray is described as British when he wins and Scottish when he loses has been exposed as a hoary myth.

Postgraduate researcher Ben Dickson - a tennis fan - analysed nine years of reports on the player’s Wimbledon triumphs and disasters, and found the papers treated those outcomes just the same when it came to assigning him a national identity.

Dickson, from Dumfries, scrutinised over 200 Press reports on Murray’s Wimbledon matches from 2005 to 2014, for his Msc dissertation in applied linguistics.

He established that, whether Murray won or lost his match, all sections of the Press remained consistent when describing him as a Scot or a Brit.

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Is Outlander too risky for British TV?

Author Diana Gabaldon believes the hit series based on her multi-million selling books may be too extreme to ever be shown on mainstream television in the UK.

The American writer has told The Scotsman that the makers of the show were unable to find a broadcaster willing to screen an uncut version of the programme.

Dubbed Scotland’s answer to Game of Thrones, Outlander’s first series regularly featured graphic scenes of sex, torture, rape and violence.

Ms Gabaldon, who has been in Scotland to help make an episode of the third season, said she had heard from “various sources” involved in the show that its content was “too intense” for British television.

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How much will Scots spend on Black Friday

In 2014, UK shoppers spent a total of £810 million on Black Friday, while Cyber Monday generated £720 million. Based on previous years’ data, if trends continue, then spending may surpass the £1 billion mark on Black Friday.

Data shows Black Friday first started to appear in the UK in 2012, developing to become a prominent feature in 2013. In 2014, Britons increased their spending on the previous year by 17 per cent. Cyber Monday emerged in 2013, but 2014 was the year when it became visible in our spending habits. The data reflects an increasing amount of concentrated spending on these two days, compared to the weeks before and after. The increased amount of activity on these two days has consequently seen a drop in the spending in the weeks leading up to and following these days.

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Sherlock Holmes original manuscript on display

A rare handwritten manuscript of an original Sherlock Holmes adventure will be on display in Edinburgh later this week.

The National Library of Scotland will give history fans a close-up encounter with The Adventure of the Illustrious Client - a 38-page manuscript handwritten by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1924.

It is one of very few Holmes manuscripts still remaining in Britain and was considered by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to be one of his best.

It has classic Holmes ingredients: a dastardly middle European aristocrat; an archetypal English rose, to whom the villain is engaged and a secret “illustrious client” wishing to engage Holmes’s services.

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