Former Big Brother contestant Jason Cowan found not guilty of sex attack

Former Big Brother contestant Jason Cowan has been cleared of sexual assault
Former Big Brother contestant Jason Cowan has been cleared of sexual assault
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FORMER Big Brother star Jason Cowan said his life can now “get back on track” after being cleared of a sex attack on a woman.

Mr Cowan was found not guilty following a three-day trial at the High Court in Glasgow.

The 39-year-old had been accused of attacking a 36-year-old woman as she slept in his chalet at a luxury holiday estate in December 2011. Mr Cowan – who claimed any sexual contact was consensual – looked relieved as he later left court after the verdict.

The former bodybuilder said: “I am glad it is over and that I can now get back on with my life.

“I am very happy with the verdict, the truth always comes out. It has been a long year, so now we can get back on track.”

The alleged attack was said to have occurred at the Drimsynie Estate in Lochgoilhead, Argyll, on 11 December, 2011.

The woman had been there after her employer laid on a Christmas away-day.

Mr Cowan – runner-up in the 2004 series of Big Brother – was invited as he was employed as a personal trainer for the com-pany at the time.

The woman – who admitted she was drunk that night – claimed she was attacked after she fell asleep in Mr Cowan’s lodge.

He had allowed her in after she could not get into her own chalet, the court heard.

She claimed she was in a single bed, fully clothed, and awoke to find Mr Cowan on top of her.

Describing the alleged incident, the woman told jurors: “He was leaning over me – I was screaming at him to get off. I just know that I was trying to get up, but could not. I was just screaming, and he had a really nasty face.”

She said she kicked out at Mr Cowan and yelled: “Get off, you b******” before being dumped outside. The woman claimed that the incident had “ruined her life”.

Her children had asked if she had cancer because of how affected she had apparently been, she said.

Mr Cowan, of Saltmarket, Glasgow, said things had got “a wee bit frisky” with the woman, but insisted he would never force himself on anyone. He said the woman had got into his bed – which she denied – and he got on top of her before “something must have registered with her”.

Mr Cowan told police: “She said, ‘get off me’ – that was my call sign, and I was off her. I would not force myself on anybody. I was off her instantly.”

He said anything that had occurred before that was consensual. David Nicolson, prosecuting, had told juror members in his closing speech that it was up to them who was “credible and reliable”.

Mr Cowan’s lawyer, Emma Toner, said the woman’s version of events consisted of “massive inconsistencies and wild fluctuations”.

The alleged victim was not in court to hear the verdict.