Edinburgh accent proves tricky for Martin Clunes

Martin Clunes tried hard but his accent came under fire. Picture: PA
Martin Clunes tried hard but his accent came under fire. Picture: PA
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TV star Martin Clunes left some viewers unconvinced when he attempted to master a Scottish accent in new drama Arthur and George.

The Doc Martin actor, 53, plays Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the three-part ITV series, which made its debut on Monday night.

But his attempt at delivering the novelist’s Edinburgh accent left some unimpressed, with many saying his brogue kept changing in the new mystery.

Viewer Steve Oliver wrote: “Martin Clunes does a good Scottish accent, shame he forgot to do it in the first scene.”

Matt Hill said: “Was going to ask what part of Scotland Martin Clunes’s accent was meant to be from, but he keeps changing it!”


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Shona Gibbs added: “Don’t think I can stand Martin Clunes’ Edinburgh accent any longer.”

Mark Grainger wrote: “The biggest mystery in Arthur and George is where Martin Clunes’ accent keeps wandering off to.”

And Adam Cooke said: “Martin Clunes’ Scottish accent is atrocious.”

Others defended the star, with one viewer, tweeting as “perfecto cheese” writing: “Not every Scot speaks like Billy Connolly!”

William Forbes wrote: “Really impressed with Martin Clunes’ Edinburgh accent.” Annette Gordon added: “I thought Clunes pulled off a Scottish accent very well. Very subtle”.

The comments came after the star admitted he was daunted by the role and used a dialect coach to work on his accent.

“Conan Doyle is a very famous Scotsman so I had to speak with an authentic Scottish accent,” Clunes said.