Daleks made in Scotland to feature in new TV show

Daleks in the long-running series Doctor Who, see here in 1965. Picture: PA
Daleks in the long-running series Doctor Who, see here in 1965. Picture: PA
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DALEKS made in Scotland are set to feature in a new TV docudrama chronicling the early years of Dr Who.

An Adventure in Space and Time, written by The League of Gentlemen’s Mark Gatiss, will form part of Dr Who’s 50th anniversary celebrations. The show will be overseen by Dr Who’s executive producer Steven Moffat.

The announcement comes as Peter Capaldi, famous for playing foul-mouthed Malcolm Tucker in In The Thick Of It and In The Loop, prepares to replace Matt Smith as the new Time Lord.

The Daleks set to feature in the show were built in at Titan Props, based in Glasgow’s Kinning Park.

Paul McNamara, who was commissioned along with Brian Quinn by the BBC to build Daleks identical to the ones that appeared in the early days of the hit show, said he had to improvise in order to assemble the villanous robots to the broadcaster’s specifications.

“We didn’t have the original plans,” McNamara told the Daily Record, “so I went online and found a forum called Project Dalek, which had been created by fans, and got the plans there.”

He added: “Things like the gun were made from material I had lying about - I’m a bit of a magpie, as I keep everything. You never know when you’ll need it.”

“For the lights on the dome, I think they were originally from a 50s London taxi but I’ve used ping-pong balls. They’re easier to get than bits of an old cab.”