Chris O’Dowd reveals wife’s penchant for Hollywood’s leading men

Chris O'Dowd Picture: PA
Chris O'Dowd Picture: PA
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ACTOR Chris O’Dowd has revealed his wife Dawn O’Porter stole a fork that Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper had eaten with - saying she planned to auction it off for charity.

O’Dowd shared anecdotes that also included a story about Brad Pitt when he appeared on The Graham Norton Show.

It’s hard to feel like a sex symbol when your wife uses another man’s cutlery!”

Chris O’Dowd

He said: “We met Brad Pitt and we were having a chat, he was very nice and I introduced him to Dawn and they shook hands and we kept on talking. He then stated chatting to some other people and I looked down and saw that she was still holding on to two of his fingers. I suggested we go to our seats and she said, ‘41 seconds.’ When I asked her what she meant, she said, ‘That’s how long I held him for’.

“A couple of weeks later we met Bradley Cooper at a dinner and as we were leaving Dawn was getting her phone out of her bag and I noticed something sparkling. She had stolen his fork. She said she was going to auction it for charity but every now and then at home I’d see her eating with it. It’s hard to feel like a sex symbol when your wife uses another man’s cutlery!”

Talking about his hit TV series, Moone Boy, he said it may return next year again.

“We took a break because I thought I’d told all the stories I could and we got to the stage when the boys’ voices were breaking,” he said. “We needed a breathing period.”

He also joked that he doesn’t get to do “a lot of sex stuff” in his films.

“Not from want of trying,” he explained. “I’ve tried it a couple of times and they didn’t care for it - the clothes started coming off and the director shouted, ‘Cut, no, we want people to watch the film!’”

Other guests on the show included Rachel Weisz, Colin Farrell, Dawn French and singer Rod Stewart.

Weisz, who is currently starring opposite Farrell in the movie The Lobster, spoke about having a “Mrs Daniel Craig” car screen visor.

The actress is married to Craig, who is set to reprise his role as James Bond in the upcoming Bond instalment, Spectre.

Talking about her husband with French, who joked she was “gutted” when Craig married Weisz, she said: “You should get one of those Mrs Daniel Craig car screen visors. I have one. I don’t use it all the time but once and a while I’ll put it up.”

French replied saying: “I’ve got a great idea. You have the screen visor and I’ll have Daniel.”

Farrell spoke about one of his sons, saying: “For father’s day, his school asked the children to describe their fathers and sent it home in a letter. It was gorgeous and ridiculous. He said, ‘My dad is a lot of fun and I like him a lot. He has blond hair and is very handsome’. The bit about the blond hair obviously had me concerned!”

• The Graham Norton Show is on BBC One on October 16 at 10.35pm.