Theatre review: The D-List

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“You are a total disgrace mate,” “Crawl back under your stone, tosser,” “You’re nothing but a loser.”

Star rating: ***

Venue: Underbelly Med Quad (Venue 302)

These could be comments on ­Twitter directed at Samuel Curry, famed for his appearance on The Apprentice. But no, they’re referring to Jamie, the D-List celebrity that he’s playing in David Hendon’s ultra self-referential play about the vacuous treadmill of ­modern-day fame.

From reality TV shows, to interviews about his not ­particularly exciting sex life, to appearances in panto – since he starred in “Britain’s Worst Singer” Jamie’s agent’s phone hasn’t stopped ringing. However, they’re not the calls Jamie wants. The ­problem is he doesn’t really know what he wants – which also makes him a somewhat lacklustre character to spend an hour with.

What’s interesting about the piece isn’t the melodrama, but the way the fiction of throwaway fame meets the reality. Whether or not Curry’s story in any way reflects Jamie’s is left tantalisingly unexplored. He’s a key part of the marketing material; he strips down to his boxers and does press-ups – is he deliberately objectifying himself as part of some kind of commentary? Or is simply being used to attract audiences, in same the way Jamie is? With Curry’s own voice hidden behind that of the script, it’s impossible to know.

Until 29 August. Today 5:35pm.