Theatre review: Boris & Sergey: Preposterous Improvisation Experiment

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The loveable leather puppet duo return to the scene of their greatest theatrical triumphs, and this time they – or, rather, their puppetmasters Flabbergast Theatre – have brought their own venue, the Omnitorium, a bijou circus tent which packs up nicely on to their vintage double decker bus.

Star rating: ***
Venue: Assembly George Square Theatre (Venue 8)

It’s a suitably sideshow environment in which to encounter their vaudevillian antics, this year occasionally scripted by members of the audience.

So secure are Boris and Sergey in their art that they have decided to abdicate responsibility for building this year’s turn to ticketholders, who are invited to volunteer an unusual item to be used as a prop. The puppets are practically buried under the hail of diverse offerings. This is the most successful portion of the show, as they construct a yarn from shouted suggestions and the projectile props.

But they fail to follow up with any other specific improv games, and there are inevitable dips in inspiration when the telepathy required between the six puppeteers who operate Boris and Sergey flounders. A request for a reprise of their classic Kate Bush routine is politely batted away; in its place, an extended homage to a certain Hollywood blockbuster involving an ocean liner and a big lump of ice.

Until 28 August. Today 9pm.

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