Review: Uninvited, Bedlam Theatre

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PREPARE to be entertained, disgusted and positively perplexed by Uninvited – a tale of one man’s unravelling as he struggles to come to terms with losing control of his otherwise charmed life.


Living in a typical high-brow cul-de-sac, where the culture is nine-to-five office jobs, gym-going and religious Sunday car washing, he has everything just so: dinner at a certain time, his favourite classical music and the art of tea-making down to . . . well, a tee.

It’s fair to say he’s a middle class control freak with all the idiosyncrasies and OCDs to match. But that’s OK because it’s just him and no-one can ruin his perfect, albeit lonely, life. Cue the incident that will be his downfall – there’s an intruder in the house. Or is there? Is there really an uninvited guest sitting in his favourite chair? Or is he just insane?

It’s just as well he can’t see what’s hiding in the wallpaper but, lucky for the audience, everyone else can. In fact, it’s these deformed on-lookers which make the show a riot.

Until August 25