Review: A Little Princess, C Nova, Victoria Street

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STEP into the room at the top of the stairs at C Nova and you’re transported back in time to a Victorian school room. Miss Minchin makes sure that the audience are sitting comfortably and then the story begins.


Princess Sara is brought up in India until her father has to go to war and deposits her at a boarding school in England. To cope with his absence, Sara spends her nights telling stories to Lionel, a servant boy, until one 
terrible day, her world crashes around her.

This is a beautifully told story from genuinely imaginative Belt Up 

Serena Manteghi as Sara is wide-eyed with a backbone of steel. Jethro Compton as Lionel – and Sara’s father – slips effortlessly from one 
accent to another and is equally convincing as each.

Dominic Allen is a delight, whether barking orders at the audience or revelling in Sara’s bad luck.

And the set is the star of the show: a riot of detail that provides a 
delightfully atmospheric setting for this well-loved tale.

The production captivated this audience, from the six-year-old girls at my feet to the Brazilian tourists who unwittingly sat in Miss Minchin’s chair. A truly enchanting hour.

Until August 27