Preview: Passing through, Scottish Storytelling Centre

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THERE’S been a terrible mistake. The Dockers Social Club booked The Ace of Spades thinking it was a Motorhead tribute band, but they got Tommy the Magician instead.

Passing through,

Scottish Storytelling Centre,

Royal Mile, Thursday-Saturday, 8pm, £10, 0131-556 9579

Tommy’s made a sharp exit and is nursing a pint and a bruised ego in the pub down the road when Alice stomps in from the rain. She’s soaked, been stood up and that’s it, she’s had it forever with romance.

What neither of them know is that some magic might just be round the corner. Or is true love just another conjuring trick, a sleight of hand?

Edinburgh-based theatre company Peapod Productions returns with this new romantic comedy by Alistair Rutherford.

Philip Kingscott as Tommy and Kirsty Halliday as Alice and Tracy.

The play returns to Edinburgh due to public demand following two successful runs last year, after which the company will tour it to theatres in England, Switzerland and Italy as well as a one-off performance at the Scottish Parliament.