Fringe Preview: Hypnotist Aaron Calvert ready to ‘Awaken’ your inner superhero

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By his own admission, Aaron Calvert isn’t the type of hypnotist just to put you to sleep so he can have you cluck like a chicken.

Returning to the Edinburgh Fringe with his new show ‘Awaken’, the medical graduate is further incorporating his studies into his act to grant the audience “super-human” powers.

Hypnotist Aaron Calvert is back at The Fringe in 2017

Hypnotist Aaron Calvert is back at The Fringe in 2017

The groundwork for planning Awaken started as far back as last year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

“My co-writer Sam Fitton called me up and said, ‘I’ve had an idea - let’s give people super-human powers on stage’.

“So we took it from there. We started developing a number of techniques using hypnosis to be able to do that on stage.

“This tapped into my medical knowledge from when I trained as a doctor and with the hypnosis I’ve been performing on stage during the last six years.”

Together, Aaron and Sam came up with the unique concept of being able to give audience members super-human powers on stage.

The show was first titled “Super-Human”, with the goal of activating the caped crusader that resides in all of us.

“To us, it was about those super-human comic book powers that you see,” says the hypnotist, “but we’ve taken it further than that.

“We’ve taken it from the fictional realm and brought it into the real world and that was really important to us.”

Aaron wants ‘Awaken’ to be a show unlike anything the audience have experienced before.

‘Aaron Calvert: Awaken’ is on at La Belle Angele (Venue 301) at 1.30pm from 5-27th August.