Comedy review: This Barry Ferns Belongs to Lionel Richie, Alternative Fringe @ The Hive (Venue 313), Edinburgh

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EDINBURGH Fringe romantic Lionel Richie – formerly and confusingly still known as the comedian Barry Ferns, who changed his name by deed poll to the one he shares with the soul singer – has contrived a show questioning just why exactly he performs at the festival. And why it drives him to such extreme lengths.

This Barry Ferns Belongs to Lionel Richie

Alternative Fringe @ The Hive (Venue 313)

Star rating: * * *

Since arriving as a callow 15-year-old in 1995, he’s organised his fair share of stunts, including the first show on Arthur’s Seat, delivering multiple shows annually and encouraging the stickering of “This Belongs To Lionel Richie” on any available surface in the city. The man is a menace but he won’t be kept down.

After curating sell-out shows starring pensioners, which managed to lose him money, and declaring bankruptcy, he’s bounced back with a short, daft retrospective of his best sketches. Featuring a talking stag’s head, an unlikely kidnapping and plenty of misdirection and audience participation, it’s all light, frivolous nonsense. But it does capture something of the anarchic randomness and all-encompassing spirit of the Fringe, with a different set of co-performers in each show.

• Until 27 August. Today, 4pm.