Comedy review: Rob Rouse, Glasgow

Rob Rouse. Picture: Contributed
Rob Rouse. Picture: Contributed
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ROB Rouse has always been a warm, engaging act blessed with redoubtable energy.

Rob Rouse: Ride of Your Life

The Stand, Glasgow

Star rating: * * *

That’s still the case, but against the odds – the combination of working late nights and having two young children has rendered him, at 40, permanently exhausted, he claims. Sadly, Ride of Your Life is fitfully amusing but a long way from his best work. Despite the animated, supposedly erotic dance for his wife that he recreates as his finale, his heart just doesn’t seem to be in the show, the jest that’s he’s happy simply to be out of the house sounding a little too convincing.

Maybe it’s a case of the subject matter impacting on the delivery but there’s little verve or anything extraordinary in his tales of his children persecuting him. Certainly nothing to match the exasperated but inspired mania Miles Jupp brought to the same setup earlier this week at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival.

With a graphic reconstruction of his wife’s home birth that’s indelicately detailed and a winning account of his nocturnal viewing habits being glimpsed by his kids, Rouse doesn’t hold back. With a two-year-old daughter, he also ventures his feminist credentials and fears for her in a sexualised society. Yet despite his assertion, he pays feminism little more than lip service, absorbed into routines indistinct from countless club sets. Vajazzles, Shewees, Babestation… the material is diverting enough but lacks that spark of originality that would restore Rouse to the touring draw he once was.

Seen on 03.04.14