Comedy review: Reginald D Hunter, Theatre Royal, Glasgow

Reginald D Hunter: Failed to go for the jugular in Glasgow
Reginald D Hunter: Failed to go for the jugular in Glasgow
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There’s one thing you can rely on with a Reginald D Hunter show: you’ll emerge from an hour-plus in his company thinking a little differently about the world.

Reginald D Hunter

Theatre Royal, Glasgow

Star rating: * * *

Ever since he made a mark on the UK stand-up scene just over a decade ago, his act has always been about words and ideas, and how misrepresentation is the enemy.

So, it’s little wonder that the recent spat (or “invented controversy” as he puts it) over his performance at a PFA dinner is how he kicks off his latest analysis of the confusion and hypocrisy that he sees dominating thought and deed in western capitalist society. For those who have previously dubbed Hunter a misogynist, the list of women he defends tonight goes all the way from Margaret Thatcher to Reeva Steenkamp.

But for all the potent myth-busting and sacred cow-slaying, he seems strangely underpowered here, dredging up previously aired analogies about life and the movies instead of going for the jugular.

For any longstanding fans of the heavyweight Atlanta-born comedian, it might be a little puzzling that he relied so much on older material to highlight some of his core points.

More likely, it’s a recognition by the comic himself that the majority of his fanbase have only recently signed up for this particularly intense, socially aware ride. For new converts happy with their night’s entertainment, it should invigorate them to know that there is so much more in the Reg D Hunter locker.