Comedy review: Miles Jupp, Glasgow

Miles Jupp, left. Picture: Graham Jepson
Miles Jupp, left. Picture: Graham Jepson
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MILES Jupp’s stand-up career began on the Scottish circuit, as a character act, spoofing his plummy Englishness in his guise as a laird of the manor.

Miles Jupp is The Chap You’re Thinking Of

Citizens Theatre, Glasgow

Star rating: * * * *

Lately, he’s been performing rather more as himself. And yet this Glasgow International Comedy Festival appearance, the last show in a 50-odd date UK tour, found him embracing another exaggerated persona – an intemperate, uptight, middle-class monster that demands fascistic precision when loading a dishwasher.

In the prematurely cantankerous 34-year-old’s defence though, he’s blessed with four children under five, making him a hostage in his own home. Plenty of comics bemoan the loss of social life and ambition that comes with parenthood. But Jupp’s elegance with language, exquisite timing and ability to sustain a flounce makes his carping more memorable than most. And he certainly knows how restricting a character can be, thanks to endless repeats of Balamory, in which he played Archie the Inventor. He marvels that a children’s TV show that ended nearly a decade ago still colours reception of his stand-up.

In a looser but equally entertaining second half, after he revealed that he may have been exaggerating his domestic burden somewhat, we got more of the real Jupp, still furious but directing his rage at government austerity cuts. Once again, it was the measured, consummate phrasing that afforded his arguments punch. Yet he demonstrated his versatility by closing on an amusing and less agitated tale of him rescuing another comic from public ignominy.

Seen on 02.04.14