Random top ten: Films with hell in the title

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1 From Hell

Serial-killer comic-book fun with Johnny Depp, as 19th-century police inspector Fred Abberline, a detective who – usefully, given his line of work – can see into the future. Inconveniently, he can only do this when high on opium. Can he catch Jack the Ripper before he kills again, or will he nod off too soon?

2 In Hell

Vigilante fun with Jean Claude Van Damme, who ends up in a Russian prison (as opposed to actual hell) after quite reasonably murdering the man who killed his wife. Once there, he gets into lots of fights, as Van Damme always does, but in time he learns that the only fight worth winning is the fight for inner peace. As you do.

3 Hellraiser

Sadomasochistic 1980s Brit-horror fun, featuring a doorway to hell (hell actually features in this one) and a scary man with pins in his head.

4 Straight to Hell

Bank robber fun in Alex Cox's culty 1987 action comedy (released the same year as Hellraiser, hell movie trivia fans), about a group of criminals hiding in the desert and ending up in a town full of peculiar cowboys. Oh look, there's a young Courtney Love.

5 Jingle Hell

See what they did there? Not a Santa-themed slasher movie, as you might expect, but a TV movie from 2000 about a family's Christmas-related trials and tribulations. No-one actually goes to hell.

6 Motel Hell

Horror parody from 1980 about a farmer and motel owner (the motel is actually called Motel Hello, but the 'o' on the sign is a little faulty) who kidnaps people and buries them, alive, in his back garden.

7 Highway to Hell

Horror parody from 1991 in which a loved-up couple, Charlie and Rachel, travel to Las Vegas to get married, only to be stopped on the way by a zombie cop, who transports Rachel to hell, where Charlie must travel too if he wants her back. The title is entirely literal, in other words.

8 Samurai Vampire Bikers from Hell

In which a biker called Alexander Hell battles sword-wielding vampires. This 1992 film "follows a non-linear storyline", according to its brief Wikipedia entry. Which, we are guessing, means it has bloody big plot holes.

9 A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell

Low-budget nonsense from 1991, in which a scantily clad young lady battles to survive in a post-apocalyptic world populated by mutant cavemen and hilariously unconvincing dinosaurs – all of whom want to get into her pants. "Where the prehistoric meets the prepubsecent!" drools the trailer. Interestingly, there is also a movie called Furry Hamsters from Hell, but we don't have room to talk about that.

10 Drag Me to Hell

Spider-Man director Sam Raimi returns to his comic-book horror roots. It's out in a couple of weeks, hence this Top Ten (it's not entirely random, you see). The trailer, with Alison Lohman (below) is hilarious. Hard to tell how intentional this was.