What I listen to when I'm...


AT THE moment my favourite driving music is Sigur Rs - I love those huge crescendos and I like to rock out a bit when I'm driving... which probably isn't such a good thing, particularly now that they're talking about making listening to loud music illegal when you drive. I don't know how they're going to police that, mind you, but I guess if you're obviously rocking out in your car then they might pull you over.

Sufjan Stevens makes good chill-out music - he'd have to be one of my top chill-out artists - but then I listen to Sufjan Stevens a lot of the time. I just love the tenderness in his songs - Seven Swans is my favourite album of his, I think.

If I was out to impress people with my leftfield music tastes... I've just started getting really into these people I befriended on MySpace - they're based in Brighton and they're called The Sons of Noel and Adrian. They make really interesting music. It's not the kind of music you'd expect to come out of Brighton. To me they sound like they should be part of that American Nu-Folk movement - a bit out-there, may be from California somewhere - but they're not, they're from Brighton. They've got really beautiful strings on their music and their lead singer's got a really unusual voice. It's just a really odd interplay of sounds.

And at the opposite end of the spectrum - you're going to laugh at this - but just before the last London gig we did at the Union Chapel, we put on Rage Against The Machine. It's a funny image, me going on and doing this acoustic, folkie kind of set when just beforehand we'd been throwing ourselves around the dressing room to Killing in the Name Of and Bombtrack. That kind of music makes me laugh a lot cos it's just so "RAAAAAAA!" Rage Against the Machine at the time of that album were just incredible.

• Lou Rhodes plays Oran Mor, Glasgow on 28 October. Her new album, Bloom, is out now