Video: One Direction’s Harry Styles hit by shoe

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ONE Direction singer Harry Styles was left smarting last night after being hit in the groin by a shoe while performing with the band.

• Harry Styles hit by shoe while performing in Glasgow

Harry Styles: Hit with shoe. Picture: Reuters

Harry Styles: Hit with shoe. Picture: Reuters

• Incident took place in SECC

Styles was onstage with bandmates at the SECC in Glasgow yesterday as part of the boyband’s UK-wide tour when the flying footwear clattered the 19-year-old.

The incident took place as fellow members were answering Twitter questions during a break between songs.

Moments before What Makes You Beautiful star was struck, a shoe was thrown towards the band, which Styles picked up and said: “It’s a shoe.”

Another shoe then hit Styles in the groin, causing him to double over and fall to the ground.

His bandmates laughed and joked while Styles lay prone, but the teenager eventually got back on his feet and carried on.

This is not the first time that Styles has had a shoe to the groin - he was struck by a missile in the groin during a show in Sydney last April.