Under the Radar: Sun Rose

Sun Rose
Sun Rose
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Long-standing readers of this column might recall our enthusiasm for electronic outfit Nevada Base, whose track Love In My Mind was a firm favourite of 2011. So we were pleased to discover a musical phoenix had risen from the band’s ashes in the form of Sun Rose (not to be confused with Swiss duo SunRose or Australian outfit Sunrose).

Earlier this year their debut track, Smirk, was named single of the week on Radio Scotland’s Janice Forsyth show and the follow-up, Minima, is equally promising. Boasting a more atmospheric feel with dreamy vocals and attractive piano interludes, it also appears on the album The Essential Luxury, mixed by Miaoux Miaoux and released on vinyl by the discerning Last Night From Glasgow Records. Anyone ordering a copy from the label’s online shop gets a free ticket for a launch gig at Nice N Sleazy in Glasgow on Friday. See www.lastnightfromglasgow.com

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