Under the Radar: LYLO

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Imagine the opening bars to Spandau Ballet’s hit Gold being warped through a psychoactive filter, then channel a bit of Scritti Politti under extreme duress and you might just be able to form a musical picture of what LYLO sound like. At times their compositions come close to inducing sax rage in the listener, but it is this Marmite effect which makes the Glasgow-based five-piece such a compelling proposition.

Championed by Radio Scotland’s new music monster Vic Galloway, LYLO have also captured the ears of the selectors at SXSW where, providing they meet with the critical approval of an American immigration bureaucrat, they are set to showcase their music in March.

In the meantime, the band mark the release of their single Yeah Boy on El Rancho Records (http://bit.ly/UTRLylo) with a gig on Saturday at Glasgow’s Stereo, which is due to be followed by an album in spring.

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