T in the Park review: Jamie Jones, Slam Tent

Picture: Greg Macvean
Picture: Greg Macvean
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There’s no time to stop for a picnic in the baking heat, as the Sunday Slam Tent welcomes Welsh techno house maestro, Jamie Jones, who wastes not time in kicking up a dust storm.

The immersive visual backdrop depicts the genuinely nightmarish 1957 East German fairy tale ‘The Singing Ringing Tree’, which lends a psychedelic element to Jones’ set, yet no amount of spooky princesses, evil dwarves or talking bears can divert the attention of bodies bopping to his every move.

The Slam Tent, known for its bass heavy delivery, compliments Jones’ clipped kick drums and adds real punch to the slow build-up which he delivers. The lighter, stabbing synths of his material are haunting in the dark, and the sun outside juxtaposes the atmosphere under the tent canopy.

What Jones’ set lacks in urgency, it more than delivers in how supremely he draws it out - and it’s clear to see why he needed only 45 minutes to announce himself at an impromptu slot at Space Terrace ten years ago.

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