T in the Park review: Haim, Radio One Stage

Haim. Picture: Contributed
Haim. Picture: Contributed
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HAIM are quickly establishing themselves as the festival buzz band of 2013. After their winning show at Glastonbury last month, anticipation is high for their appearance at T in the Park, and the three sisters draw a sizeable crowd to the Radio One stage.

With the kind of weather at Balado that is more typical of their native Los Angeles, the trio (well quartet if you count drummer Dash Hutton) look like they’ve just walked off a magazine photoshoot as they emerge on stage in a blur of black dresses, sunglasses and flailing hair

But there’s more to Haim than mere image. They plunge head first into a set that ranges from the classic, rocking riff of Fleetwood Mac’s Oh Well to the 80s synth-pop of their own calling card single, Falling. The latter is an infectiously energetic summer song, and wouldn’t seem out of place among Cyndi Lauper’s upbeat hits.

Haim’s sibling bond extends to sharp, speedy harmonies and a tumultuous group drumming effort that has the crowd responding with gusto - and leaves Este Haim with a broken stick.

They each take turns at the microphone throughout the set, and although they’re only on stage for six songs, Haim do enough to win over a new set of fans on their seemingly unstoppable rise. Look out for them on the Main Stage next year.