Scottish independence: Sharleen Spiteri ‘no’ vote

Sharleen Spiteri has said she does not support Scottish independence. Picture: PA
Sharleen Spiteri has said she does not support Scottish independence. Picture: PA
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POP star Sharleen Spiteri has said she does not believe an independent Scotland would be viable, questioning whether it would have the resources to survive.

• Texas singer Sharleen Spiteri comes out against independence

• Spiteri casts doubt on whether independent Scotland could survive

Texas singer Spiteri is the latest celebrity to come out against independence, joining actor Ewan McGregor and comedian Billy Connolly, among others, in calls to remain in the Union.

The 45-year-old said: “As far as I’m concerned, I’m British. And, yeah, I’m Scottish but I feel I’m part of the UK.

“I think it’s very important to have a Scottish Government who make decisions for Scotland but I can’t understand how Scotland would survive independently.

“We don’t have the resources - like oil and gas - we’d need to keep Scotland afloat.

“And to me, if you can’t survive, then what’s the point of breaking away?”

Spiteri was taken to hospital last month with concussion after injuring herself in a fall while filming a video.


Trainspotting actor McGregor, 42, has also said he wants Scotland to remain part of the UK.

“I love Scotland with all my heart. But I also like the idea of Great Britain,” he said.

Connolly said he was not in favour of nationalism, saying: “I love Scotland but I hate the way nationalists theink they own the place.

“I don’t like chauvinism, I don’t like nationalism.”

Other public figures who have backed the no campaign include Sir Alex Ferguson, who has independence was a “distraction from what really matters - the economy, jobs, schools and hospitals.

Businesswoman Michelle Mone has vowed to leave Scotland and take her Ultimo business empire with her if Scotland voted to part with the rest of the UK next year.


Celebrities that have backed Scottish independence include Sir Sean Connery and Annie Lennox, who said that a separate Scotland “could take a stand in a wonderful way, ecologically and morally and ethically.”

Author Irvine Welsh has also lent his voice to calls to break off from Westminster, saying: “I’m totally for independence, totally. I think everyone is - even the unionists. It’s the process which is being argued about, not the principle.”

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