Scots singer makes it to finals of US TV talent show

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TO HIS neighbours in Aberdeen, Terry McDermott’s singing in the shower was a cause for complaint, but on the hit American TV talent show, The Voice, it has become a cause for celebration.

• Scot who quit country to make it in America has made it to finals of TV talent show and is tipped to win the competition

Terry McDermott pictured taking part in The Voice talent programme in America

Terry McDermott pictured taking part in The Voice talent programme in America

• Terry McDermott hails from Aberdeenshire and used to work in the Pittodrie ticket office

• Christina Aguilera amongst the judges praising McDermott

The former ticket seller at Pittodrie has become the toast of the States after securing a place in the live final and a chance to win £75,000 and a record deal.

On Tuesday night the 35-year-old from the Aberdeenshire village of Pitmedden won a “sing-off” and secured the support of judges with a rocking version of Paul McCartney’s song Maybe I’m Amazed, defeating the

competition, Rudy Parris, who had opted to sing Chris Brown’s hit song Forever.

The Scottish singer has been mentored on the show by Blake Shelton, a country singer, and won over pop star Christina Augilera with the power of his voice, which in the past had only served to irritate his elderly neighbours back home.

He said: “I don’t know why but I’ve always done my best practicing in the shower. It’s always been that way. But I used to get complaints from elderly neighbours whenever I rehearsed in the bathroom as I was growing up. Amazingly, though, one of my former neighbours contacted me after seeing the show. He apologised for having a go and said: ‘I’ll never complain about your shower singing again.’”

McDermott has trodden a long and winding path in search of musical success. He founded his first band, Driveblind, while in Aberdeen and after finding initial success, the group moved to New York and then on to Los Angeles, where in 2003 they were signed up to A&M Records.

However, it was a further three years before their debut album was released in 2006. Despite touring extensively as a support act and releasing a further EP the band eventually split and McDermott moved from LA to New Orleans, where he formed a new band, Lotus Crush.

They released their debut album Half Light Morning last year, while his vocals proved popular with advertisers and he has sang on an advert for Coke Zero, broadcast in Japan.

Yet his biggest chance of stardom will come if he wins the live final, which carries a £75,000 prize, as well as a record contract with the Universal Music Group.

McDermott, who now lives in New Orleans with his wife Mayln and young son Liam, is still flying the flag for his homeland and admitted trying to teach the show’s contestants and judges a string of phrases popular in the North-east.

He said: “Trying to get them to say ‘teuchter’ is an endless source of amusement, although I did have Blake Shelton saying ‘fit like’.”

Councillor Paul Johnston, who represents the village of Pitmedden, said recently that McDermott was popular.

He said: “Everyone remembers him from his karaoke days in the Pitmedden Bar. We are delighted to see him do so well.”