Pussycat dolls



THE Pussycat Dolls' live act has always followed the tradition of burlesque. But when that tradition comes under the gaze of thousands of six-to-nine-year-old children, you have to ask why parents allow their offspring to bump and grind while a semi-naked lap-dancer sings, "I don't give a [beep] / Keep looking at my [beep] / 'Cause it don't mean a thang if you're looking at my [beep] / I'm a do my thang while you're playing with your [beep]."

By design, the Las Vegas act are made up of entirely interchangeable, salaried employees. Their barely hour-long set (sung entirely to backing tracks) consisted of soft-porn dance routines and clichd soundbites.

Nicole Scherzinger, formerly of the made-for-TV band Eden's Crush, is the Dolls' acknowledged star. She held her own throughout, save for a lukewarm Wait a Minute and several weak stabs during Stickwitu. Fellow dolly Melody Thornton can also hold a note, but that's really beside the point. The Pussycat Dolls might go down a treat on dirty disco floors among their adult audience; however, in a live context their highly sexual performance ought to be toned down for their younger listeners. Saying that, so long as the Dolls' record company are making money from them, they probably won't really give a [beep] what you think about their [beep].