Police praise Rockness fans as arrest numbers fall

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POLICE Scotland today praised the behaviour of the 35,000 sun-soaked revellers who flocked to Dores on the banks of Loch Ness at the weekend for the annual RockNess festival.

The force revealed that the number of drug searches carried out at the three day festival has been “significantly” lower than last year. And the force had to deal with only 15 arrests.

Superintendent Stevie Mackay, Event Commander at RockNess, said: “I am delighted with how the festival has gone. Public safety is always our biggest concern and from a policing perspective the event passed very safely, with low levels of crime and disorder.

“The general behaviour of festival goers has been very good and the vast majority seemed to enjoy themselves and act responsibly.”

He continued: “We are never complacent however, as the roads are now busy with thousands of revellers making their way home. I hope that everyone has heeded our advice about the dangers of driving whilst tired, or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

“On the whole, it was a very safe and successful event. Around 282 people were treated at the field hospital and over 400 seen at the First Aid Post. The vast majority of these were minor ailments and injuries. “A small number of people were treated for symptoms associated with drugs and alcohol. Thanks to friends and to security workers on site, these people were brought to the field hospital and received the care they needed. Without correct medical care, their condition could have been far more serious.”

A force spokesman said: “The event passed with very few incidents of disorder and given the size of the crowd, very few incidents of note. Police carried out 114 positive drugs searches over the weekend, significantly fewer than last year and four men, aged 18, 20, 21 and 41 were arrested at the event, in connection with being concerned in the supply of drugs.

“Officers also dealt with eight cases of alleged assault, 9 breaches of the peace and 36 thefts during the course of the three day music festival. Two males have been detained in connection with an ongoing investigation into thefts at RockNess. A total of 15 arrests have been made to date.”

Station Manager Derek Wilkie, of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service also praised the RockNess revellers. He said: “Revellers have heeded the advice and guidance provided by the emergency services, voluntary organisations and festival organisers, with only a handful of incidents over the weekend involving barbeques, camp fires and cooking stoves which were quickly dealt with on site.

“There was only one report of a fire related injury where one person received minor burns following the explosion of a small camping gas canister.”

Meanwhile Police Scotland today issued an appeal for information about 23 year-old woman who was last seen at RockNess on Sunday night.

A force spokesman said: “Police are carrying out searches for a 23 year-old woman reported missing last night. Jodie Spence was last seen yesterday evening at RockNess. She is described as having red hair.

If anyone has seen Jodie or knows of her whereabouts, they are urged to contact Police on 101.”


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