New Scottish music: Elara Caluna

Elara Caluna
Elara Caluna
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WE FEATURE two 7” vinyl records this week, released via the new VoidoidARCHIVE imprint.

The brainchild of artist and The Poetry Club founder Jim Lambie, the label is a vehicle to further promote new music and artists frequenting the venue. The first release is Silver Dust by Elara Caluna (the Gaelic name translates roughly as “the purple heather of Jupiter’s moon”), consisting of singer-songwriter duo Benedict Salter and Kitty Hall, and the second includes spoken word pieces Raid and Turnover by artist Sue Tompkins (formerly of Glasgow band Life Without Buildings). Both records were released simultaneously on Friday at Elara Caluna’s monthly multi-arts club night Paraphernalia at The Poetry Club. Artists from the label and the club night plan to tour galleries in the US, Japan and Europe next year. Listen to Elara Caluna at and Sue Tompkins at

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