My first car: RM Hubbert

Volkswagen Polo circa 1986
Volkswagen Polo circa 1986
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THE first car I ever owned was a ten-year-old VW Polo – it must have been an ’86 model. I bought it for £300 because my girlfriend at the time worked out that it would be less expensive to buy a car than it would be to keep paying my taxi bills.

It was great, but it was a boxy wee thing and it was constantly breaking down. Right after we got it we took it for a drive and ended up broken down beside a graveyard somewhere near Dumbarton in the pitch black. So I had to change my first tyre, with no light whatsoever, in a graveyard.

I think we had it for three or four years but we ended up spending thousands of pounds keeping it on the road. We finally got it to work properly, and then about three weeks later a white van came and smashed into it outside my house and it got written off. It was parked – nobody in it. The only reason we knew what had happened was because one of the neighbours saw it. Somebody just took the front of it off when they were turning the corner.

I think I got £50 for what was left of it, and I kept the badge off the front too. It’s still kicking about the house somewhere in fact, a 27-year-old VW Beetle badge. «

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