Music review: Carol Kidd Sings the Music of Judy Garland

Carol Kidd sings Judy Garland
Carol Kidd sings Judy Garland
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If there has been one consistent talking point through this year’s Edinburgh Jazz Festival it has been frustration with its EasyJet method of boarding – making audiences for the tents queue outside, only to be allowed into the venue at the time that the concert is scheduled to start.

George Square Spiegeltent ***

At Thursday’s Carol Kidd concert, one which was always likely to draw a high proportion of golden oldie ticket holders, observers braced themselves for fisticuffs as a bunch of stick-wielding geriatrics sprang unexpectedly from benches in George Square Gardens and formed a Saga-style stampede into the venue ahead of the punters who had been waiting in the mile-long queue.

Kidd herself referred to the problems of age during an enjoyable 90 minutes in which she evoked the spirit of Ella Fitzgerald by gamely improvising the lyrics she had forgotten, but the main challenge she faced was on ballads – normally her strongest suit. The problem was that her band – pianist Paul Harrison and bassist Mario Caribe – didn’t provide enough colour, depth or texture behind her as she sang such beautiful numbers as The Man Who Got Away.

Kidd has sung Gershwin’s Do It Again in a slowed-down, seductive and suggestive style before and it has been magical, but on Thursday, there was so little going on behind the long, not very varied notes of the melody that it began to seem funereal rather than sexy. Even her musical Meg Ryan moment on the “oh-oh-oh” failed to relight the fire.