Introducing: Lomond Campbell

Lomond Campbell
Lomond Campbell
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Lots of bands form at art school. Few go on to make records and conceptual art projects under the same name, winning equal acclaim for both.

As a band, Edinburgh trio FOUND are now signed to Chemikal Underground and were shortlisted for last year’s Scottish Album of the Year Award for third album Factorycraft. As artists, they won a Scottish Bafta for Cybraphon, their emotional musical robot. Now, though, they are a duo following the departure of bassist/designer Tommy Perman. Where this leaves FOUND is unclear. In the meantime, remaining members Ziggy Campbell and Kev Sim are taking time out to go solo – Sim with his ongoing River of Slime project and Campbell with an EP called Only A City Apart, out on Fence Records on 19 July but streaming now at It’s mostly upbeat and reassuringly FOUND-like, but with a homemade feel – its chunky old synth and drum machine sounds occasionally recalling John Carpenter film soundtracks.

Andrew Eaton-Lewis