Gig review: Union J, Glasgow

Union J. Picture: TBBT Chase
Union J. Picture: TBBT Chase
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If the phenomenal global success of One Direction is any barometer, the boy band model is far from exhausted as a surefire money maker, with a number of contenders lining up in hopes of snaffling some crumbs from the 1D table.

Union J - Glasgow Clyde Auditorium

* * *

Union J don’t have much going for them bar archetypal chiselled boy band looks and the headstart conferred on them as former X Factor contestants, but that appeared to be quite enough for the squealing fans who drowned out the usual vote of thanks for their support, plugs for the album, claims we are the best crowd ever, etc, etc.

Every inoffensive, mildly catchy and mostly upbeat track from their self-titled debut album was methodically ticked off the setlist, with the lyrical overture to “play you like an instrument, let me be your Beethoven” standing out for the wrong reasons.

The rest of their sweet show was fleshed out with the protracted business of choosing the most delirious fans to join them for a rather touching singalong onstage, plus a Taylor Swift medley and a cover version for each member of the group, generally clad in varying shades of grey. Junior cutey George delivered Katy Perry’s Roar with more of a purr, Jaymi, the token good singer, wrangled with Beyonce’s Listen, while ex-jockey JJ delivered a decent take on OneRepublic’s Counting Stars and heartthrob Josh a demure Beneath Your Beautiful.

And there was more pretty boy blandness – support act Room 94 were stylishly dishevelled, attacked their instruments almost as enthusiastically as they plugged their Twitter account and curried cross-generational goodwill for dedicating When I Was A Teenager to the chaperoning parents, all without the aid of a memorable tune.