Gig review: Seasick Steve, Edinburgh

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EX-HOBO “Seasick” Steve Wold, 72, has gone from homeless to a household name since his belated discovery circa 2006.

Picture House


Collaborators on new album Hubcap Music include such rock royalty as Jack White and Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones, the latter of whom appeared live on bass and mandolin and other stringed instruments, alongside drummer Dan Magnusson, for a rowdy blast of hotwired blues, rock, soul and everything in between.

Don’t assume Wold’s lost touch with his roots – as if to signpost how in touch with the trash can he remains, his current guitar of choice is made from two hubcaps and a garden hoe. Ironically, it seemed to be one of the few bits of kit working, in a show blighted by technical issues and poor sound. But once Wold whipped off his shirt, hung it on his rocking chair and got down to business – and he had to enjoy getting a scream for stripping to his vest as a septuagenarian, “ya’ll crazy,” Wold responded bashfully – the good times rolled regardless.

Keep On Keepin’ On had the floor shaking, while the tender Walkin’ Man was sung – as is customary – into the eyes of a young female picked from the audience. “It’s a miracle of music that some old f**k like me can sit up here and sing to a pretty girl,” Wold chuckled.

The shufflin’ I Started Out With Nothin’ reminded us where Wold has come from. Down On The Farm, featuring a flying-fingered bass solo by a guy from the biggest rock band of all time, and ending with Wold kissing his homemade guitar, signalled where he’s very happily at.