Gig review: MotorHead/Anthrax - Academy, Glasgow

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FRONTMAN Lemmy Kilminster recently declared that his band intended to release an album every two years for as long as he could afford a guitar amp. Good to know that after 37 years, he’s planning on making Motorhead a long-term thing.


Academy, GLAsgow

* * *

This was a Motorhead gig much like any other. Which is to say that it rocked righteously with a consistency that few bands of their vintage could boast, and featured ear-splitting renditions of Killed By Death and Ace Of Spades.

It’s not that Motorhead put on a show – they are too faithful to rock’n’roll’s primitive streak to court anything as poncey as excessive stagecraft, though they did permit some hokey green lighting during a particularly hoary Orgasmatron. Within this framework, there was room to solo, to swagger, even to sashay on the bluesier numbers.

With the exception of drummer Mikkey Dee’s blonde mop flailing behind his mountainous kit, the trio were fairly static performers. All the energy and attack came from the music, a formidable beast over which Lemmy presided with a voice like a gravel driveway and a Zen-like poise.

Special guests Anthrax are mere youngsters of only 30 years standing. The American thrash metal quintet have recently come full circle with the return of frontman Joey Belladonna to the team. He brought classic metal vocal athleticism to the precision-drilled mix of taut momentum and brute force, while a late spurt of lightning riffola from Robert Caggiano instigated a happy wave of crowd surfing.