Gig review: Lost In Audio, Edinburgh

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Four young lads from Edinburgh, fluorescent pink AAA passes affixed proudly and prominently to the thighs of their jeans, Lost in Audio are legends in their own soundcheck time, alternative rockers who’re not really an alternative.

Liquid Room


Some of their guitar riffs and particularly the drum parts came in with the volume of a train being derailed, but they were more Scouting For Girls than Biffy Clyro.

On these terms, mind you, they’re not at all bad, and it wouldn’t take a lot of hard svengaliing to turn them into a unit-shifting pop success. Certainly there was something endearing about lead singer Joe Hendry, a guy who unashamedly (and why should he be?) attempted to cajole the healthy crowd of friends and family into a hands-above-heads clapalong is if he were Freddie Mercury at Wembley and eulogised the promoter of the show before Spinal Tap-ishly being urged to cut their set short.

Their songs are hit and miss, contributing to the sense of rawness which suggested they’re still promising young musicians finding their way rather than the finished article, but they have at least one euphoric live hit in Burning Up and no absolute stinkers. Although the gut-wrenchingly earnest acoustic track Lucky did stumble through overwrought sentiments like “my heart still belongs to her” and “I can’t keep torturing myself.” Kudos also to Hendry for issuing the greatest ever announcement this writer’s heard being made during a gig, that he’ll be pursuing a “massive opportunity in professional wrestling” later in the year.