Gig review: Jessie J, Glasgow Hydro

Jessie J: OTT high notes. Picture: Ian Georgeson
Jessie J: OTT high notes. Picture: Ian Georgeson
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SHE’S the R’n’B-pop star imploring us not to worry about the price tag while she rakes in the cash, and telling us nobody’s perfect and to love ourselves while invariably looking like a million bucks and being screamed at by adoring fans everywhere she goes.

Jessie J - Glasgow Hydro

* * *

But all cynicism aside, Jessie J Cornish’s cheesily wholesome message-laden songs are no unwelcome thing in a world of increasingly dubious female pop role-models (hello Miley Cyrus).

After emerging wearing a pair of flesh-coloured pants that on first glance gave the alarming impression of an epic wardrobe fail, the Brit School alumni and former judge on The Voice promptly accelerated through outfits about as quickly as she did the hits, rocking some gnarly air guitar in a red leotard during Sexy Lady before getting her very noisy, very young audience bouncing like crazy to the clubby beats and strobes of LaserLight.

Come a Rihanna-fied Do It Like A Dude, she invited everyone to be on their “baddest behaviour” before gyrating in a jumpsuit as flames shot from the stage. If there was something even less subtle than moments like that about Cornish’s show, it was her predilection for a plate glass-shatteringly showy vocal – some of the OTT high notes she scaled during Who You Are threatened to break every window in a five-mile radius.

Freestyle self-help manual-quality over-earnestness rained down with the sparks, streamers and glitter throughout a final flourish of Price Tag, Alive and It’s My Party, and surely no one could have left feeling short-changed.