Gig review: Imagine Dragons - ABC, Glasgow

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Imagine Dragons, the latest in a celebrated lineage of Las Vegas entertainers, have been flexing their arena-rock muscles for some time in their native state but only recently have their chart-bothering anthems made a real splash overseas.

Imagine Dragons - ABC, Glasgow

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Spearheaded by the official UK release of the band’s debut album, Night Visions, last week, the seeds planted by their extensive nationwide tour last year seem to have blossomed and flourished, judging by the manner in which the band’s headline show at the O2 ABC sold out, and the subsequent queues of excited new fans that snaked up the hillside walls outside the venue.

The sheer level of noise and excitement that greeted Imagine Dragons within seconds of even touching the stage is surely indicative of their inevitable future climb up the international pop rock ladder, with nearly every line to fall from vocalist Dan Reynolds’s mouth being met with the giddy caterwauling of over 1,000 hyperactive punters.

And from the plundering dubstep grooves of Radioactive to the fist-in-the-air anthemic quality of It’s Time, the band comfortably controlled a Saturday night Glasgow crowd that could probably have quite happily stared at them for an hour and still been satisfied.

However, credit must be given to the showmanship and musical chops of the band who, despite quite obviously pulling as many genre strings as possible to create a malleable chart-ready mush, were as convincing, confident and engaging as you would expect from any established mainstream heavyweights.