Gig review: Electric Six, ABC, Glasgow

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THEIR flirtation with stardom totalling a couple of novelty-ish top 10 singles circa 2003 – Danger! High Voltage and Gay Bar – the name Electric Six will likely elicit a “where are they now?” from most people today.

Electric Six

ABC, Glasgow

Star rating: * * *

But the comedic Detroit disco-rockers remain an on-going concern, releasing an album almost every year and keeping a loyal live following The gang of lads up back dressed as caricature homosexuals in tight T-shirts, handlebar moustaches and aviator shades probably keep coming back for those two songs in particular.

Gravelly voiced, tongue-never-far-from-cheek frontman and songwriter Dick Valentine remains the only original member, as Electric Six succumb to “band plays classic album in full” temptation (“classic” is loosely applied) with Fire – their 2003 debut which spawned their most recognisable material. The other five members for their part were suitably straight-faced sidemen, decked-out like 1970s Vegas card-sharks, all white trousers, and sunglasses.

Fire could most generously be described as two hit singles and several other songs that sound similar to them. But it was all the soundtrack necessary for the amped-up irony-fest people had come for, from distorted rifforama Dance Commander through to the electro-fried groove of Synthesiser.

Peaking early was always going to be a problem, and much as Valentine solo number Jimmy Carter and I Buy The Drugs made for a fun finale, there was little recreating supercharged disco-rocker High Voltage and twangy garage stomp Gay Bar’s earlier buzzes. Goodness knows you’d have been gutted to discover either or both was played while you were at the loo.