Gig review: David Duchovny, ABC, Glasgow

David Duchnovy. Picture: Getty Images
David Duchnovy. Picture: Getty Images
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I wanted to believe, I really did. As did all the other seekers with their mobile phones aloft, hoping to capture the rarely spotted, practically extra-terrestrial presence of X-Files superstar David Duchovny on film as he embarked on his alternative career as a musician.

David Duchovny | ABC, Glasgow | Rating: **

Duchovny has freely admitted that he is a musical dilettante, arriving late to singing/songwriting but afforded the opportunity because who would pass up the chance to see Agent Mulder in the flesh at least once?

With his dishevelled rock star looks, laidback cool charisma and performing experience, Duchovny is part of the way there already but at present he sorely lacks a voice, cleaving to the same safe, mellow murmur in his lower register throughout the set.

There is some potential for developing a country growl to match the pleasant Americana-flavoured sound dutifully delivered by his band but he will need to improve his relationship with pitch quite considerably.

The music was not as lacking in dynamics but didn’t move far from its rootsy pop/rock furrow, apart from a couple of covers. In tackling Bowie’s lean, funky Stay, Duchovny and band would have been oblivious to the far superior version performed nine nights earlier in this very venue by Bowie guitarist Earl Slick and Rolling Stones backing vocalist Bernard Fowler, while the underpowered take on Sly Stone’s Thank You was more a demonstration of Duchovny’s good taste than his abilities. That never stopped William Shatner though.