Gig review: Chvrches, Edinburgh

Lauren Mayberry chatted happily to the crowd. Picture: Lisa Ferguson
Lauren Mayberry chatted happily to the crowd. Picture: Lisa Ferguson
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“WE KNOW there are other activities you could have done tonight… sparklers, fireworks…” pointed out Lauren Mayberry while thanking her Bonfire Night crowd. “You’ll just have to make do with a f***load of lasers instead,” piped up Martin ‘Doc’ Docherty from behind his keyboard, and he wasn’t wrong. Balancing the warmth and humanity of these three clean-cut indie musicians from Glasgow, their neon-streaked lightshow is more apocalyptic than ever, playing out as patterns of red, green and blue laser constellations across the entire ceiling.

Chvrches - Corn Exchange, Edinburgh

* * * *

This show was the last Scottish date the trio will play in support of last year’s debut album The Bones of What You Believe, Mayberry pointed out, and it’s a testament to how well-judged and truly enjoyable that record was that they’ve had so much mileage out of it. As such, there was an air of triumph to proceedings, and a real sense of joyful relief from the band as they come to the end of this part of their journey.

Mayberry, ever-chatty and endearingly human for an artist playing to a couple of thousand, recalled once making a joke while propping up a local band bill in Glasgow about being the first and weakest contestant into the Hunger Games. Nobody laughed. “And now we’ve got a song in the next Hunger Games film, so suck it.”

That song, Dead Air, was a welcome addition to a set which has consisted entirely of their debut album for a while now (Gun, Recover and The Mother We Share were all deserved highlights for the audience, as ever). That sense of triumph was well-earned – now we wait to see how they can follow it up.

Seen on 05.11.14