Gerry Rafferty’s girlfriend loses legal battle over guitars and artwork

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THE girlfriend of Baker Street singer-songwriter Gerry Rafferty has been left with a £75,000 legal bill after losing a battle with the late singer’s family over his collection of valuable guitars and artwork.

Italian-born artist Enzina Fuschini claimed that the singer gave her three of his favourite guitars while other property was jointly owned by her.

Ms Fuschini, 58, of Dorset, said she should be allowed to keep the items, which also included a piano, artwork by Henri Matisse and some antique furniture.

She was left out of his £1.2 million will, with his possessions and music going to his family, sparking her bid to keep the items she said were legitimately hers.

However, Rafferty’s friend of 20 years, Russell Roberts, and the singer’s daughter, Martha, of Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire, took the case to the High Court and have now secured release of the collection.

Ms Rafferty and Mr Roberts, who was also Rafferty’s solicitor, are executors of his will and the possessions will now go to his grand-daughter, Celia.

The case leaves Ms Fuschini an estimated £75,000 out-of-pocket after, in her absence at court, Mrs Justice Proudman ordered that she pay the legal costs.

Ms Fuschini met the singer, originally from Paisley, Renfrewshire, and most famous for his 1978 hit, Baker Street, at a West End restaurant in London about two years before his death in January last year.

The disputed items also included antiques and a Mercedes.