World War Z to showcase Glasgow to Super Bowl fans

Brad Pitt stars in World War Z
Brad Pitt stars in World War Z
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GLASGOW city centre is to be showcased to more than 100 million people when a trailer for the Brad Pitt zombie movie ‘World War Z’ airs during the Super Bowl on Sunday.

The studio behind World War Z have forked out more than £2.5 million to land the prestigious TV spot during the American Football

Glasgow, masquerading as Philadelphia, comes under attack from zombies

Glasgow, masquerading as Philadelphia, comes under attack from zombies


The 30-second clip, which will be screened in one of the ad breaks during coverage of the game, offers brief glimpses of new footage, as

countries around the world fall victim to the zombie outbreak.

Pitt - who plays UN worker Gerry Lane in the film - is seen joking with his family before Glasgow, doubling as Philadelphia, comes under attack.

Hundreds of people are seen fleeing through the streets of Glasgow city centre during the clip.

The advert will be screened just after the National Anthem at the match between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens as the build-up continues for the film’s release this summer.

Movie experts said producers had high hopes of huge box office takings for films advertised during the famous game.

Dave Karger, chief correspondent for movie website, said: “These are the movies that the six major studios have identified as the

top priorities for the spring and summer, because otherwise, it’s just too cost-prohibitive.”

World War Z, based on the novel by Max Brooks, sees Pitt’s character taking charge when the zombie apocalypse hits, attempting to save what

remains of civilisation.

The movie was shot in summer 2011, with Pitt and the production team causing a stir after they filmed key scenes in Glasgow.

The city was transformed into a Philadelphia setting during the two-week shoot, complete with US cabs, road signs and traffic lights as well as

vending machines selling US newspapers.

However issues in post-production and subsequent reshoots have led to the film’s release being delayed.

Originally set to open in cinemas on December 21 last year, it will now be released by Paramount Pictures on June 21.

A report released last year said the filming in Glasgow provided a £3.33 million boost to the local economy.